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Condenser Coil

Emergent Coils specializes in crafting tailor-made condenser coils designed to meet the precise requirements of commercial and industrial applications

Condenser Coil Design

Introducing Coils Express, your premier source for high-quality condenser coils. Our expertly crafted coils are designed to efficiently reject heat from air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, ensuring optimal performance.

Whether you need coils for heating air streams or as part of the refrigeration cycle, our products are tailored to meet your specific requirements. With refrigerant entering as a superheated gas and condensing in the coil tubes, you can trust our coils to deliver the perfect balance of heat transfer. Upgrade to Coils Express and experience enhanced cooling efficiency. Contact us today for a free quote and discover the difference our coils can make in your system.


Some typical applications for condenser coils:

  • Heat Rejection
  • Reheat
  • Comfort Heating

Condenser Coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are some properties that are common in most condenser coils:


Considering the substantial surface area and significant temperature differential between air and refrigerant, condenser coils typically consist of a relatively modest number of rows. Typically, condenser coils are designed to be between 1 and 3 rows deep

Tube Diameter

The condenser coil must withstand considerable internal pressure, especially with refrigerants like R-410a, where working pressures can reach as high as 600 psia. Smaller tube diameters are better suited to reliably handle such pressure. Additionally, smaller tube diameters help maintain adequate refrigerant velocity, ensuring efficient oil circulation within the coil. For these reasons, we prefer to size condensers with 3/8″ tubes


For most refrigerant applications, copper sweat connections are the preferred choice. Other connection types are more susceptible to leaks, which can pose significant challenges when dealing with refrigerants.

At COILS EXPRESS we pride ourselves on providing replacement coils real simple & real quick. HasYour Facility had a Coil failure due to Old Age, or a Freeze Upand you need a Replacement Coil yesterday – or you are simply sizing a coil for a new AHU Application or Duct Installation?


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