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Welcome to COILS EXPRESS – your go-to solution for hassle-free replacement coils, specializing in Refrigerant DX Coils. We understand the urgency when your facility faces a coil failure or when you’re in the process of sizing a coil for a new AHU Application or Duct Installation. Our commitment is to provide replacement coils that are not only real simple but also real quick.

Why choose COILS EXPRESS for your Refrigerant DX Coil needs?

Efficiency and Expertise:

Our team at COILS EXPRESS is dedicated to delivering efficient and expert services. With years of experience, we pride ourselves on making the replacement process seamless and stress-free for our clients.

Quality Replacement Coils:

Whether your coil failure is due to old age, freeze-up, or you’re working on a new installation, we offer top-notch replacement coils to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment to quality ensures your HVAC system operates at its best.

Hot Water Booster Coils and Steam Distributing Coils:

In addition to Refrigerant DX Coils, we also provide services for Hot Water Booster Coils and Steam Distributing Coils. If your project involves these coils, our experts are here to assist. Simply reach out to for personalized service 24/7.

Easy Process:

At COILS EXPRESS, we believe in simplifying the process for our clients. Just snap a picture of the Name Plate DATA of the AHU or HX and email it to Alternatively, provide dimensions on our “Fill in the Blank” Sheets, and we’ll build to spec – it’s that easy!

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For all your Refrigerant DX Coil needs and more, contact COILS EXPRESS today. Trust us for quick, reliable, and high-quality replacement coils tailored to your requirements.

COILS EXPRESS – Replacement Coils made real simple & real quick!