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Hot Water Coil

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How Hot Water, Boosters and Reheat Coils Work

Hot water coils, often referred to as hydronic coils, serve as a type of heat exchanger. They leverage hot water sourced from a boiler to either warm the air or extract moisture from it. Air passes through the coil’s fins, which are heated by water circulating through the tubes. This particular heat exchange system is primarily employed in commercial and industrial air handler units, rooftop units, and downstream ductwork installations.

In some regions, you may encounter radiant heat or baseboard heating systems, which differ in their operation. Unlike hot water coils, these systems do not involve air passing through them; instead, they emit heat that warms the surrounding air. Hot water coils, however, are integrated into forced air systems, while booster coils or reheat coils are employed in downstream ductwork to reheat air that has cooled off


Hot Water Coil Components Explained

Hot water coils represent one of the fundamental components in an HVAC system. Understanding their components is crucial for determining the necessary connections and their proper placement. Similar to chilled water coils, if a leak occurs in a hot water coil, it typically manifests in the copper u-bends. However, due to the presence of hot, high-pressure water, the initial point of leakage may occur at the weakest point, which could be a return bend or somewhere in the middle of the coil. Repairing a leak in the middle of the coil can significantly compromise its efficiency.

Regardless of the apparent simplicity of a hot water coil or reheat coil, you still have various material options to consider

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