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How Tube Bundles Work

Tube bundles are positioned within the shell of a heat exchanger, and this component is particularly susceptible to frequent failures due to potential corrosion and structural issues. Typically, in a typical tube bundle, water is circulated and heated through contact with steam or other fluids within the surrounding shell.

How to Measure a Heat Exchanger

Most of the time, we can replicate your tube bundle using just the model number. In exceptional circumstances, we might request photographs and dimensions of the bundle to ascertain the number of passes, as well as its nominal width and length. We strongly advise employing one of our blank drawings on-site to record precise measurements.

It is crucial to be aware of the steam and water pressures, as well as the fluid properties when acquiring a replacement bundle. This information dictates the choice of materials for the bundle construction.

Tube Bundle Photo
Tube Bundle Photo

Design and fabrication capabilities for tube bundles include:

  • U-tube or straight tube (fixed tubesheet or floating tubesheet)
  • Enhanced tube, low-fin, lo-fin, integral tube bundles (U-tube or straight tube)
  • Tank heater tube bundles
  • Fuel oil heater tube bundles
  • Double wall vented tube bundles
  • Standard and specialty alloys (see the List of Alloys below)
  • Heads and bonnets
  • Tank collars and nozzles
  • A.S.M.E. stamping available
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