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Steam Distributing Coil

Premium steam coils meticulously tailored to your precise requirements, whether for new equipment installation or replacement in commercial and industrial settings

How Steam Distribution Coils Work

Steam Distribution coils serve as a prevalent heat source in regions prone to sub-freezing temperatures. Their ingenious tube-within-a-tube design shields the coil from freezing and potential damage. While often referred to as ‘nonfreeze coils,’ it’s crucial to note that they can still freeze and sustain damage if the unit remains inactive.

The process involves steam entering the central tube, gradually dispersing through small holes to fill the outer tubes, facilitating heat exchange with the fins. Steam distribution coils typically operate within a PSI range of 5 to 15, although they can withstand pressures of up to 100 PSI when equipped with the thickest possible tubes. For applications involving higher pressure scenarios, we strongly recommend utilizing stainless steel tubes for added durability.


Steam Distribution Coil Components Explained

At Coils Express, we understand the importance of properly designed and installed Steam Distribution (SD) Coils. With four primary components – Connections, Tubes, Fins, and Casing – these coils play a critical role in ensuring efficient condensation drainage. When placing an order, be sure to inform your representative about the steam pressure you’ll be using, as this will determine the required tube wall thickness.

We strongly discourage patching SD coils, as it can lead to efficiency losses and future leaks. Instead, let us help you design a replacement coil tailored to your specific needs. You have a wide range of material options to consider, allowing you to enhance capacity or ease of cleaning according to your requirements. Trust Coils Express for premium steam coils customized to your precise specifications. Contact us today for a free quote.

At COILS EXPRESS we pride ourselves on providing replacement coils real simple & real quick. HasYour Facility had a Coil failure due to Old Age, or a Freeze Upand you need a Replacement Coil yesterday – or you are simply sizing a coil for a new AHU Application or Duct Installation?


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